Sustainability is increasingly in demand

The clear majority of the 500 respondents attach importance to sustainability: in the 2019 survey period, 81% said they paid attention to sustainability in their product selection. In 2011 the figure was only 7%. However, consumers want more information and comparability from retailers and manufacturers. A majority of 55% said they were often unsure whether the product they chose was really the most sustainable alternative. “Sustainability is a part of our life reality and will fundamentally change the economy and society. Because people have
understood that there are no unlimited resources in this world. The transformation to a sustainable business model is influenced significantly from three directions: by regulators, companies and social interest groups. There is no standard process, but there are opportunities and risks that ensure that markets change completely, disappear or open up completely new ones,” says Stephan Fetsch, KPMG partner and Head of Consumer Goods.

The majority of 69% of consumers surveyed are prepared to pay a higher price for a more sustainable product. It is also exciting that sustainability is an important topic, especially for women – the main target group of many equestrian sports shops. For example, 25 % of the men surveyed said that they were overwhelmed by the topic. Only 17 % of the women shared this opinion.