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The equitrends trade login gives all subscribers to equitrends INTERNATIONA free access to a protected online area, where you will receive insider information on news, products and services as well as exclusive videos and articles filled with know-how for retailers.

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Extensive articles on topics such as hoof care, customer loyalty and insect control are just as much a part of the equitrends Trade Login as company news or information on products for the coming season.


The online offer is aimed at retailers, manufacturers and service providers in equestrian sport and is intended to become a source of information and a platform for more exchange among those groups. This networking between retailers and manufacturers as well as wholesalers should ultimately create a win-win situation for all parties involved. This year networking and the exchange of information is all the more important as trade fairs and major events have been shut down by the Co

vid 19 pandemic since March. In order to remain up-to-date until the next Spoga Horse Spring in February 2021, subscribers of equitrends International can use the Trade Login and thus stay informed when a company changes its contact person, new products are announced or when completely new suppliers introduce themselves to the equestrian market.

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In addition to the print edition, the Trade Login offers news and products as well as know-how on sales strategies, sales promotion measures and topics such as social media. A separate training channel with web talks and videos makes the knowledge even more vivid and tangible for you as a user.

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0 euros) from Keralit.

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