Marketing professionals with equestrian know-how

Digital marketing is becoming more and more interesting for retailers, service providers and producers in equestrian sports. One example is one´s website: the flagship for retailers in the world wide web. Hardly any retailer goes without this possibility and some even combine it with an onlineshop, in order to increase their reach and turnover. However, the implementation is not always easy if an attracive offer is to be combined with beautiful design and a user-friendly surface. This is where pros from the field of web design and marketing can usually help.

For example, Luisa Hoyer (CEO & Head of Marketing) and Janina Rein (CEO & Head of Creation) from Jumpin´ Media have been offering marketing services with equestrian know-how for a good year and a half by now. The two passionate riders focus primarily on digital marketing, designing websites and ensuring visibility on social media platforms. Jumpin‘ Media always recommends to rely on a marketing mix to present one‘s offer. For example, linking your own web store to social media platforms.