Germans shop via smartphone and tablet

According to a survey conducted by IFH Cologne on behalf of the German Retail Association (HDE), in 2019 for the first time more than half of online sales were generated via smartphone and tablet.

In addition, more and more Germans are using Facebook and Instagram as a shopping platform. “Mobile devices are becoming increasingly important in online retailing, more and more customers are buying from their smartphones or tablets,” says HDE Deputy General Manager Stephan Tromp. Every second German Instagram user aged between 20 and 69 has already seen the shopping function on the social platform. In the younger target group, the figure is even three out of four. The majority of users of this shopping function find them useful.

Tromp says: “From the point of view of retailers and manufacturers, social media are an important way of establishing direct contact with customers. For online retailers, these figures mean that they must pay more attention to ensuring that their online shops function responsively. Contact directly via social media is particularly practical and easy.