Corona pandemic brings new online shoppers

Together with Capgemini the IFH Cologne published results on the changed buying behaviour of Germans due to the Corona pandemic in “Retai of the Future – Consumer Insights”. Since the beginning of the pandemic they analysed new customers in e-commerce. Most of the newcomers are very satisfied with online shopping. Therefore, IFH Köln and Capgemini see great chances that these new clients will continue to shop online.

“In many respects, the Corona crisis has accelerated developments and trends in the retail industry that have become increasingly apparent in recent years – in particular the shift towards more online shopping. The big question now is whether the consumer behaviour of the newly acquired online customers will also shift more strongly towards online in the long term. Our study shows that once customers are satisfied with their online shopping, their shopping behaviour will continue to move more online in the future,” says Achim Himmelreich, Global Head of Consumer Engagement, Consumer Products & Retail at Capgemini.

Advantages of shopping online

Due to the lockdown, compulsory wearing of masks and the fear of infection, chewing behaviour has changed. 44% stated in the survey that they had ordered products online for the first time during the Corona pandemic. Among the advantages of online shopping mentioned, 75% of those surveyed said that delivery to their homes was one of the most important advantages, 63% benefited from more independent opening hours, and 54% of those surveyed also enjoyed the large product selection. The Corona pandemic has brought about further changes in purchasing behaviour. For example, 57% of those surveyed stated that they would like to buy more regionally produced products in future. Sustainability is also an important purchasing criterion for 53 % of those surveyed.