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Corona crisis: How Euroriding supports its members

Closed shops and and sales losses caused by Corona are currently hitting the retail industry hard. The Euroriding purchasing association therefore provides information about activities and services from which members of the association can now benefit.

Information for retailers

Managing Director Mathias Raschat cites that the first important service to be provided by the association is to support retailers with important information on aid programs, subsidies and legal classifications. He sums up: “We have tried to answer questions centrally and to provide rapid financial relief on behalf of the group”. In several mails, the purchasing association dealt with fundamental issues, such as the question of which shops may still open and under what conditions. In addition, the association dealt with advertising strategies in times of crisis and practical questions: How to apply for short-time work compensation in Germany? How to defer social security contributions for March and April and tax advances? Other focal points were topics such as how to apply for a loan and questions about possible emergency aid. For this purpose, the association also offers forms to download or by e-mail.

Online Sales

A further measure of the purchasing association was to write to all contract suppliers and ask for support regarding value date, goods returns and commission goods. Mathias Raschat reports: “Positive examples to mention here are the companies Horseware and Cavallo, who reacted immediately. Unfortunately, so far only very few offered help.” Euroriding now wants to enable specialist retaillers to sell and invoice their products in Euroriding´s online shop, which the association uses for the distribution of its own brand. This might be of special interest to those retailers who had to close their shop and do not have their own online shop. The association is also currently working on an overview of all its retailers with the latest information on opening hours, service and product range. The association itself has immediately stopped all its own deliveries – with the exception of stock goods and B2C orders. All debits for the private label are also valued for the time being.


In the near future, Euroriding would like to give an outlook on how things can continue after the relaxation of the contact ban from April, 20th. Mathias Raschat explains: “As an association, we are advisors and lobbyists for the affiliated specialist dealers and try to support where we can. Many members are only now becoming aware that other services are also offered within the association in addition to purchasing conditions and the private label”.